A Damson Christmas?

Robins flying home to mince pies, hedgehogs and foxes on trampolines, Santa’s wife delivering presents by helicopter – it must be Christmas.

Many of us love to give (and receive!) something containing the dark, delicious, plummy, tart taste of the Damson as a seasonal gift. And a lot of us have been and will be making our own – damsons steeped in gin, vodka, brandy, whisky, port or rum over the Autumn and decanted and bottled by December 25th; chopped Damsons (or spirit-soaked chopped Damsons) added to Xmas puds and cakes, and to mince pies and home-made chocolates; Damson jam, chutney and cheese.

But if you haven’t made your own, never fear – others have. The big shops and producers may have moved on from Damson (no Damson drinks in M&S this year?) to entice us with Bison Grass, Elderflower, Raspberry, Grapefuit, and Cucumber flavours, but the artisan sector continues to embrace the little plum.

Products I’ve spotted recently include:

The Lakes Damson Gin by The Lakes Distillery Compnay

English Damson Gin Liqueur by Tiptree

Damson Port Liqueur by Raisthorpe Manor

Damson Gin Liqueur by Luddenden Valley Wines

Black Shuck Damson Liqueur by The Norfolk Sloe Company

Wild Irish Hedgerow Gin (Sloe, Damson, Crab Apple & Blackberry) by Blackwater Distillery

Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin by Cotswold Distillery

Winter Fruit Cup (Damsons, Blackberries & Blackcurrants soaked in gin) by Durham Distillery

Christmas Plum Porter (made with Shropshire Prune Damsons) by Hobsons Brewery

Damson in Distress rich fruit stout by Fyne Ales of Argyll

Norfolk Damson & Port Chutney by Candis Chutney

Wild Damson Fruit Cheese by Wild Irish

Damson Cheese by Fruit Magpie

Damson Christmas Pudding by Cowmire Hall

Rum & Damson Chocolates by Exotic Tramp

Further afield, Kitten and the Bear in Canada is selling Quetsche de l’Ontario – Ontario Damson Jam; and the ever-wonderful Damson Collection in New Zealand has just added Damson Christmas Cake and Damson Christmas Pudding to its range

Google these to get more info!

Don’t forget to make your suggestion to the Tebay Services/More Artisan callout to name its mince pie with a Damson twist #tebaypie on Twitter @tebayservices @moreartisan

Merry Christmas!


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