Damson beers : a roundup

Britain’s brewers continue to bring new brews to the market that feature the wonderful Damson as a plummy keynote to their drinks. Here’s a roundup of recently introduced and discovered Porters, Stouts, a Mild, and a Belgian-style Sour, some of which may be more easily tried and bought in and around the locality of their makers.

Ashover Damson Porter

Damson Porter from the Ashover Brewery in Clay Cross, Derbyshire – a 4.8% abv porter ‘made using an abundance of wild locally grown damsons’.

Postman’s Plum Porter from Hobsons in Cleobury Mortimer, made with local Shropshire Prune Damsons – a rich 5% abv porter available from early November in bottles and late November / December for cask.

Fullers of London Damson Porter – a 4.6% abv ‘dark and delicious porter that captures the sweet and sour flavours of Autumnal ripened damsons’.

Mild Threat Damson & Juniper Strong Mild, 5.6% abv – from the Cwrw ial Community Brewing Company near Eryrys, North Wales.

Plum Porter, 5% abv, from Suffolk’s St Peter’s Brewery with ‘background notes of damson’.

Damson Stout, 5% abv from the Melwood Beer Company in Knowsley Park on Merseyside.

Damson Stout from the Hawkshead Brewery in Staveley, Cumbria, a 4.5% abv ‘dry oatmeal stout in which whole damsons from Cumbria’s Lyth Valley have been steeped’.

Sour Damson – a version of the London Sour from the Kernel Brewery in London – a 5% abv ‘blend of barrel-aged beer and fresh saison, aged in tank with Kentish damsons for five months’.


See www,drinkaware.co.uk for the facts about alcohol.


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