Damson Lemonade – Autumn meets Summer

With six weeks or more before fresh damsons appear in the UK, here’s a refreshing way to get the plummy taste of Autumn to quench your July and August days.

damson lemonade glass and bottle_453x465

To make one 75ml bottle:

One cup of water

One handful of sugar

Six defrosted damsons from the freezer from last Autumn

Juice of four lemons

Sparkling water to top up

Pan, jug, sieve, and flip-top or screw-top bottle

Boil the damsons in the water and sugar in a pan to make a syrup – prod or mash them a bit to get the colour out. Leave aside, or outside, or in the fridge to cool. Sieve into a jug. Add the lemon juice through the sieve too. Add enough sparkling water to fill the bottle, pour into the bottle and chill. Drink cold, with a slice or two of lemon, in sunshine to illuminate the pinkness! Enjoy!